RenderDoc + GMS2, now sorta doable. | Blokatt

RenderDoc + GMS2, now sorta doable.

If gamedev is your thing, you might welcome the fact that I wrote a tiny script that makes it virtually painless to debug GameMaker: Studio 2 projects in RenderDoc.

A couple days ago, making this tool work with the GMS2 workflow came up in a Discord conversation. Due to the way the engine works, normally this would require building the release executable and some manual setup. This takes time and effort, which is obviously a problem. Thankfully, there’s nothing a few lines of PowerShell can’t solve!

To an extent, at least.

Even if you’re learning graphics programming solely in the GML realm, RenderDoc can still help you a bunch. And it’s pretty easy to use, too! At SCS, I rely on it on a daily basis!

Quick, click here to get to the repo!

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