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Because nobody wants to read an essay, I’ll just go ahead and keep it short.

  • Full name: Jan Vorisek
  • Online aliases: Blokatt, Kešu
  • Born: 1997
  • Location: Czech Republic
  • Primary focus: Graphics programming/creative coding (OpenGL), desktop programming, video games development, the demoscene
  • Secondary focus: Low-level programming, music/sound design, video editing
  • Main languages: C/C++, Qt, GLSL, Python, Lua, Processing, GML, C# .NET/Java, front-end web stuff
  • Also exploring (2019): Rust, DSP programming, embedded programming, 3D modeling

More info can be found in the respective categories of this site.
You can find me all around the internet, see the sidebar on the left for social media links and whatnot.

I can be reached at jan@blokatt.net.

> Technical stuff

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